Patek History

1845, Patek Philippe began as a brand, when Antoni Patek, a humble watchmaker in Geneva, joined forces with French watchmaker, Adrien Philippe, and began working on creative designs matched with pioneering functionality.  Patek Philippe watches have been known for their inventive craftsmanship being the first to design and produce a wristwatch that no longer required a key to wind up the mechanism.

1923, Patek Philippe produced their first split second chronograph watch, soon after adding a perpetual calendar to their designs, naturally with such dedication and skill to personal time keeping.

1962, Being officially noted for their timekeeping precision at the Geneva Observatory, Patek Philippe watches have broken records and won numerous acclaim.

1989, Patek Philippe celebrated its 150 year anniversary, releasing the Caliber 89, a timepiece that boasts 33 different complications.

1925: Patek Philippe makes the world's first instantaneous changing perpetual calendar wristwatch, with indication of leap years. Originally it had been created as a ladies pendant watch, 12''' movement, No. 97975, 20 jewels, bimetallic balance wheel, Breguet overcoil hairspring.

1970. Automatic movement with 18k gold bi-directional rotor. It is generally fitted in classical round watches in yellow pink or white gold or steel.  Presently Patek Philippe exhibit numerous versions of timekeeping technology in the wristwatch models, designed and created by some of the best technicians and specialists in the business, Patek Philippe watches are regarded by many as the best time keeping instruments available, and much of the company’s energy is spent developing advanced timekeeping technology.